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Coaching Program

Naushfit Coaching Program offers personalized workouts and nutrition that will change the way you look at exercise and food forever!

At Naushfit, we prioritize your time and fitness goals. That's why our personalized fitness programs are designed to suit your schedule, equipment availability, exercise preferences, and specific goals. We also take into account any injury limitations, ensuring a safe and effective workout.


Here is what's included in Naushfit Coaching Program

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Customized Fitness Program

Your training program is customized keeping in mind your lifestyle, goals and most importantly safety - no matter your fitness level, equipment access or time availability.

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Nutrition Guidance

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Habit Based Coaching Approach

You will learn how to adapt to eating habits that will vibe perfectly with your lifestyle and culture. You will learn how to improve your nutritional choices, eat mindfully and have a good relationship with food.

Naushfit's approach to coaching focuses on building small actionable daily habits and working towards a long-term goal by understanding that consistent, daily action creates change.

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Workout Demo with Instructions

Know what exercise to do and how to do them with ease through step by step instructional video of each exercise.

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Unlimited in-app message support

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Weekly Check ins with your Coach

Stay connected with your coach via unlimited in-portal messaging support for accountability, support and encouragement every step of the way! 

Weekly check ins focus on helping clients address any roadblocks they might have, track their progress and celebrate small wins.

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How does it work?

1. Fill in the Consultation Form and you will be booked for a free discovery call. This will help us know more about you, your lifestyle and your fitness goals. It will also help us decide if you are a good fit for my program. You will be walked through Naushfit's Coaching approach along with pricing options and packages.

2. Once you decide to onboard and have made the payment, we will send you a Welcome Package that will include the contract, client welcome guide, preparation materials etc. You will be booked for an Onboarding Call where we will collaboratively work together to create a customized fitness program for you based on your goals, fitness level, training frequency, equipment availability, injury limitations and schedule.

You will also be walked through how to use Naushfit's Online Coaching Portal. 

3. Once we have an effective program built, you will be notified and get access to your customized workout program. Your coach will keep you accountable and consistent through regular communication via in-app messaging and weekly check-ins. 


4. Train well, improve your nutritional choices, build new habits and reach new milestones - all while enjoying your fitness journey!


HANNA (Dentist)

"My biggest struggle before I started working with Naushfit was that I would always be tired and busy. I’m a working mom of three small kids. I commute an hour to work, so I barely made time for eating healthy or working out after coming home and always had low energy.


My experience working with Naush has been excellent. It’s the best investment I have made in myself. Initially, I was nervous when I started but now I have renewed for another three months. She is very professional, she's constantly reaching out and checking up on everything I am doing, my water intake, my steps, and my workouts.


One amazing thing about her program is that she personalized the fitness program to my work schedule.  The biggest thing I needed was accountability and Naush has truly delivered on that. She taught me lifelong skills and I'm independently able to take care of my health now.


She also helped me with my mindset and my life skills which is something that she again goes above and beyond to help me with, and I find that that’s something that is invaluable and I am so grateful to her for all the help that she has done. Overall I'd say I am over 110% satisfied working with her. It's been the best self-care step I took in improving my health."


-Chicago, USA


This program has not failed to impress me. It's definitely better than what I expected. There are so many exercises that I think I mastered in this program or at least got better at it. I used to do the same kind of exercises previously but never felt the burn or the strength after, doing the same exercises during this program under Naush's supervision and excellent guidance, it has surely helped me and motivated me to continue further. I am looking forward to more classes in the future and also incorporating some weights to make it more challenging. Hopefully, by then my body is in the best form to take up the challenge. Thank you for your continuous push and support.

- Toronto, Canada

BUSHRA (Teacher)

Great workouts that are both fun and challenging at the same time. Love how the program is fit for all ages groups especially beginners. I also like how Naush focuses more on technique and form rather than just intensity. It's the perfect platform for those who want to start off and have been absent from the fitness arena for a while. A very dynamic and energetic young lady, way to go Naush!!!

-Whitby. Canada

Meet your Coach

Amina Naush Ansari


Naush is the founder and head coach at NaushFit.
Naush has been coaching mothers virtually since 2020 and currently resides in Rockwood, Ontario.


She has a B.Tech. in Information Technology.

She is a Certified Personal Trainer (PTS) through CanFitPro, a Certified Pre and Postnatal Coach (CPPC) through Girls Gone Strong and a Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition.


Her method is habit-based coaching and her focus involves picking up positive health habits and improving the overall mindset of her clients while allowing them to live their everyday life to the fullest. 


Her goal is to help clients realize their "true potential" by providing them with the knowledge and guidance to take better care of their physical well-being, achieve their goals and gain resilience through their unique fitness journey.

Get to know her more on Instagram: @naushfit

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