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Feel energized and stay active this Ramadan.
Look your best on Eid!

  • Daily 15-minute "Follow Along Workouts"

  • No Equipment is Needed

  • Suitable for ALL fitness levels

  • Simple and Effective


FIT RAMADAN 2021: Welcome
FIT RAMADAN 2021: List

Assalamualaikum and Ramadan Mubarak!

Thank you for joining my FREE Fit Ramadan Program!

Every day you will get access to 15-minute simple and effective workouts for the next 30 days.

As a Certified Fitness Coach, I firmly believe that physical well-being is just as important as spiritual well-being.

Only when you feel energized can you have a PRODUCTIVE Ramadan!

I am so excited to be a part of YOUR fitness journey this Ramadan!

Bookmark/save this page. This is where you will find ALL my Ramadan Workout videos as I add them daily.


Follow me @naushfit on Instagram.

Post a picture of your workout calendar, your shoes or

a post-workout selfie every day on Instagram so that I know you

are consistent with your workouts.

3 lucky winners will get FREE one-month access to

Naushfit's Online Group Classes!

Day 1 Stretch & Mobility
Day 2: Total Body
Day 3 - Core and Abs
Day 4 : Strong Legs
Day 5 - Upper Body
Day 6 - Quick Cardio (No Jump)
Day 7: Core and Abs
Day 8 - Total Body
Day 9 - Stretch & Mobility
Day 10 - Strong Legs
Day 11 - Quick Cardio
Day 13 - Strong Legs
Day 14 - Mobility
Day 15 - Total Body
Day 16 - Core and Abs
Day 17 - Stretch & Mobility
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