Get personalized workouts with my coaching program that will change the way you look at exercise and food forever!

In addition to personalized workouts, the online coaching program also includes nutrition guidance, weekly check-ins, monthly progress monitoring, and access to Naushfit's Online Coaching Platform.

I will personally keep you accountable on your journey and continue to modify your workouts depending on your fitness level.




Specific to your lifestyle!

Whether you are a working woman, busy mom, pregnant mama or postpartum who has unique goals and needs, my training program is personalized, keeping in mind your lifestyle, goals and most importantly safety - no matter your fitness level, equipment access or time availability for exercise.

The training program is a combination of 1 on 1 live session and customized online workouts.​


Embrace your favourite foods!

Instead of difficult diets, strict meal plans and complicated macros calculations, I will help you adapt to an eating lifestyle that you will actually enjoy – one that will vibe perfectly with your life and culture. You will learn to improve your nutritional choices and earn sustainable results while having a good relationship with food.


Help you keep accountable!

I will be your accountability buddy on days you feel like giving up (don't worry...we all have those days!) and support you through every step. I will help you stay consistent via emails and unlimited in-app messaging.


Take your workouts on the move!

With my Coaching App, you'll have everything you need to reach your fitness goals - your workouts, your nutrition & lifestyle habits, and access to your coach - that's me! No matter where you are - home or travelling - you can still stay consistent!


1. Book a free consultation call. This will help me know more about you, your lifestyle and your fitness goals. I will briefly explain my coaching approach and discuss pricing & packages with you

2. Once you decide to onboard with me and have made the payment, I will have an Onboarding Call with you where we will collaboratively work together to create a personalized workout program for you based on your goals, fitness level, training frequency and schedule. I will also walk you through my Online Coaching App, help you create an account and set you up for success. 

3. Once we have an effective program that works for you and your schedule, you will get access to your personalized workout program where I will keep you accountable and be consistent through regular communication via in-app chats and check-in emails. 


4. Train well, improve your nutritional choices, build new habits and reach new milestones through weekly check-ins and monthly progress checks - all while enjoying your fitness journey