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Here is a fun aerobic step workout to burn calories, get your heart rate up and get you sweating! 😅

Cardio workouts help with weight loss, boosts mood and strengthens your heart health & immune system.

If you don’t have a STEP you can always use a small stool or a wooden box. Make sure you have something sturdy to step on. This will add a little challenge to your workout. Also, make sure it's firm on the ground. I used a yoga mat for extra grip.


1️. Plank In-Out - 40 sec

2️. Side Steps - 40 sec

3️. Step Burpees + Step Up - 40 sec

4️. Side Squat - 40 sec

5️. Toe Taps - 40 sec

3 rounds! Rest for 2-3 minutes between each round.

Don't forget to warm up before, hydrate during and cool down after your workout!

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🎥 credit:@sayeedaansari

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