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The purpose of a warm-up is to make your body & mind ready for a workout! It raises your heart rate, which increases blood flow, raises your body temperature and wakes up your muscular and nervous system. Warm-up exercises improve your range of motion and address any limitations or tightness your body has. Warm-ups should include a “General” Warm-up (full-body warm-up) along with a “Specific” Warm-up for the type of workout you’ll be doing on that specific day. For example, if you are planning to do a Lower Body Workout you should do a 5-minute General Warm-up and then do a 5-minute Lower Body Specific Warm-up to prepare your body for a Lower-body workout. A General Warm-up can be ANYTHING like skipping/jogging/simple dynamic movements like jumping jacks/spot jogging or even 5 minutes on any cardio machine (treadmill/elliptical/stationary cycle etc.) Sharing a few LOWER BODY WARM-UP exercises that you can do before a lower-body workout! 😊 1️. Reverse Lunge to Knee Raise - 10 reps each side 2️. Standing Leg Side Kick - 10 reps each side 3️. Leg Circles - 10 reps each side 4️. Squat + Calf Raises - 10 reps 5️. Hip Circles - 10 reps clockwise/10 reps counter clockwise Perform these warm-up exercises ONCE before you start your actual workout. Remember you should never skip a warm-up as doing so may put you at risk for injury. Like, Save, Do!  #findyourbrave💫 _________________ 🎥 credit: @ansarilens _________________ #homeworkout #warmup #lowerbodywarmup #womensfitness #mentalwellness #toronto #womeninspiringwomen #personaltrainer #hijabitrainer #survivinghijab #stayhome #staysafe #keepmoving #fitmom #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fitspo #sajewellness

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