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Short on time? Here’s a quick home workout that targets your entire body! Nothing fancy, just dumbbells. Pick a weight you are comfortable holding. Make sure to breathe normally and keep your core tight throughout the workout. ________________ THE WORKOUT 1️. Squat into Shoulder Press - 12 reps Pro Tip: When squatting, feet should be slightly more than hip distance apart with toes and knees pointing outwards. 2️. Straight Leg Deadlift into bicep curls - 12 reps Pro Tip: When performing a deadlift, keep back straight (do not hunch) and hinge from the hips. 3️. Renegade Row - 10 reps each side 4️. Lunge into side raises - 10 reps each side 5️. Hands to feet - 15 reps ___________________ Complete 3 sets with a 2 minute rest between each set. Don't forget to warm up before, hydrate during and cool down after your workout! Save it, Do it! Happy sweating! 😅 #findyourbrave💫 ____________________ 🎥 credit: @sayeedaansari #totalbodyworkout #homeworkout #hijabi #momfitness #nikehijabpro #personaltrainer #womenfitness #womenhealth #brave #toronto #mentalwellness #naushfit #hijabtrainer #workingmom #inspiringwomen #workoutmotivation #underarmourshoes @survivinghijab #fitmuslimah

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