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Here are a few UPPER BODY WARM-UP exercises that you can do before an upper-body workout!

1️. Band Front to Back - 10 reps

2️. Band Chest Opening - 10 reps

3️. Arm Swings - 20 reps

4️. Rotator Cuffs - 10 reps

5️. Arm Circles - 10 reps each side

6️. Bent Over Flies - 10 reps

Muscles warmed up: Chest, Back & Shoulders

Perform these warm-up exercises only ONCE before you start your actual workout.

Remember you should not skip a warm-up as doing so may put you at risk for a workout injury.

For a quick understanding about Why Warm-ups are important and to see Lower Body Warm-up exercises please check out my previous post! 😊

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