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How good are you when adversity strikes?

When you lose a job or someone you love? Or when you have been sleepless for nights taking care of a newborn or a terminally ill person. Maybe you have a lot of household chores with little to no help or maybe someone hurt you or played with your emotions?

But how good are you to stand back up and face it all with all your might?

That's when “Resilience” comes in. Resilience is our capacity to recover from adversity. It's important to know that we humans cannot simply endure endless challenges without breaking. When we don't recharge we burn out mentally and physically. When exhausted, our ability to think and focus declines and our confidence dissolves.

It is crucial that we learn how to cope and practice resilience so that while we are rushing and hustling to make a living, we also learn to pause, breathe and enjoy our time with our loved ones and those who matter the most.

A few ways to cultivate Resilience:

  • Sleep/Rest - Create a sleep ritual. A good night's sleep is most important.

  • Hydrate - Staying hydrated from the moment you get up until evening. It’s a good idea to reduce the water intake 2-3 hrs before your bedtime so that you don't have to make bathroom trips and disturb your sleep!

  • Nutrition - Better food choices, focusing more on whole foods.

  • Meditation - A calm mind is a strong mind. Meditation doesn't come easy. It takes practice. Find a quiet corner and just focus on yourself and your breath. Early mornings are a good option when starting out.

  • Reflect - Journal to learn and grow. I prefer journaling at bedtime. I like dumping out all my worries and concerns before I head for a sound sleep.

  • Mindset - You are what you tell yourself, so please be kind. Prioritize positive talk and affirmations. Surround yourself with people who cheer for you and lift you up. This greatly helps in having a positive mindset!

These are just a few ideas. You can discover your own approach to cultivating resilience. And once you do, you will be more prepared to take on challenges and focus on better things like learning new skills, meeting new people, exploring more opportunities or simply being able to give your best selves to your family!

Also, for those who already have strong resilience, PLEASE remember to check in on your family, friends and loved ones. While you may be mentally and emotionally strong, there are people who are not and are struggling every single day. Be a light of hope for them. Help them cope. PLEASE


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