Naushfit was founded with a strong desire to encourage women to change their lives in the simplest way possible - through "movement". 

Too often we get focused on our jobs, raising a family, household chores and everything in between with little to no time for ourselves.

It's important that we prioritize ourselves and take the time to strengthen our bodies as it has a tremendous positive impact on our daily lives! 


Every individual has different "life demands". I know you have your own needs and goals and I want to make fitness work for YOU! My goal is to help you realize your potential: equipping you with the knowledge to achieve your goals and gain confidence through your unique fitness journey.

My approach involves picking up positive health habits and improving your overall mindset

-- all while living your life!



My name is Amina Naush Ansari. I live in Rockwood, Ontario, Canada.

Growing up I have always been passionate about taking part in dance competitions and choreographing dances, which later turned into a deep love for fitness and movement.

For me, fitness is more than just losing weight. I strongly believe it helps achieve mental resilience along with an increased amount of strength and stamina to live a fuller life!

Education & Qualifications:

I also happen to be a Computer Engineer, a Mom of three boys and a Chocolate fudge brownie lover! ;)