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FIT RAMADAN 2021: List

Welcome to Fit Ramadan!

The program starts on 11th March, Monday.

If you are joining late, DON'T WORRY! You still get access to all the previous workout recordings once you register for Fit Ramadan.

The Fit Ramadan Program has been designed to help you manage stress & enhance your physical and mental health through bodyweight workouts and mobility work.


The exercise program aims to build increased energy and strength in your body to help you comfortably perform Taraweeh and extra ibadah without any aches and pains. 

Ramadan is a busy month. For this reason, I have carefully curated this program that will fit comfortably into your schedule with quick 15-minute workouts that are suitable for all fitness levels!

You will have LIVE workouts with a Certified Fitness Coach 3 times/week for the entire month of Ramadan (via Zoom)

You also have access to workout recordings in case you miss the live workout.


Join me along with a beautiful community of sisters as we workout together to improve our physical and mental health along with spiritual health this Ramadan.

  • Live Workouts with a Fitness Coach: 3 times/week at 11:30 a.m. (EST)

  • Workout Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

  • Duration: 15-minutes 

  • Access to workout recordings

  • Join from anywhere in the world

  • Suitable for ALL fitness levels

  • Private Facebook Community for accountability and support

  • Program Duration: 4 weeks

  • Program Cost: 25 USD Only

FIT RAMADAN 2021: Welcome

Remember physical well-being is just as important as spiritual well-being and only when we feel energized in our bodies can we have a Productive Ramadan! Are you ready?


Bismillah! Let's get started.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I exercise when fasting?

Yes! The Fit Ramadan Program is designed specifically to work for ladies who are fasting while being supportive of what their body is going through, so they can get through it while fasting and not feel exhausted. You will feel better coming out of it feeling a boost of strength, a renewed sense of energy and mental clarity!

Can I join now? I am a week late!

You can join ANYTIME during the entire duration of the program! You will have access to all the workout recordings once you register, they will be shared in the private Facebook group and emailed to you as well.

This will give you a chance to watch all missed workouts and get them done. 

What kinds of workouts are we going to be doing?

We will be mostly focusing on simple bodyweight exercises and mobility work to help you have strength, stamina and flexibility to better manage the aches and pains due to long-standing and sitting in Ramadan.

Who has the time to exercise in Ramadan?

I understand Ramadan can be hectic hence the durations of the workouts are only 15 minutes and three times a week. Do you have 15 minutes to take care of your physical health as an act of Ibadah?

What if I can’t join the live workout?

You will have access to all the workout recordings once you register, they will be shared in the private Facebook group for you to watch as many times as you like!

I have not exercised for a long time, is this program appropriate for me?

Yes, this program is suitable for all fitness levels including complete beginners. It is also suitable for postpartum mamas and women entering into perimenopause and menopause stages.

Do you also provide a diet plan?

No, there is no diet plan in this program. However, you will be taught about eating habits and behaviours within the private Facebook group that will help you focus on mindful eating throughout the month of Ramadan.

What if I can’t do some exercises?

I’ll be showing a modification (easier version) to every exercise so that you can comfortably do it without feeling overwhelmed.

Do I have to keep the camera on? I am shy.

No, you do not have to keep your camera on but you can if you want to. It’s ladies only and it will be fun doing the workout together! As a hijabi myself, I assure you that it’s a completely safe space with no judgement.

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