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8 Weeks To Feeling Energized & Happier

In Your Body and Life!

We have all heard of Girl Power, but have you heard of MomPower?

MomPower is an 8-week Small Group Coaching Program for Mothers who want to feel Energized & Happier in their

Bodies And Lives.

Applications open to the Waitlist in September 2024.

Spaces are limited to 15-20 only and on a first-come basis

The next batch runs from 7th October to 29th November 2024.

Are you a busy mother who always puts your family's needs first, often neglecting your well-being in the process?

Do you feel stuck in a cycle of exhaustion and lacking the energy to prioritize your physical health?

Introducing MomPower, a fitness program designed especially for mothers to help them break free from the rut and reclaim their vitality in just 8 weeks!

MomPower acknowledges mothers' countless roles and responsibilities, from nurturing and caring for their children to balancing work, household duties, and personal pursuits. 

MomPower understands that mom life is "messy" and no two mothers have the same schedule or mom experiences.

MomPower is for you if:
  • You are a mom with limited time. Balancing work, household chores, and childcare leaves little time for exercise
  • You are a fatigued mom. Juggling multiple responsibilities makes it difficult for you to find energy for workouts.
  • You are a mom with low energy and body aches in your perimenopause/menopause phase
  • You are a mom who struggles with body image and confidence after pregnancy and childbirth
  • You are a mom who is looking for guidance. You have no idea where to start and what to do when it comes to kick-starting your health and fitness journey

"What a shift I have seen in myself. I am eating more veggies/ fruits and trying to be active as much as possible throughout the day. Love the program".

Sobia, mom of 2

"I can now include major food groups in every meal and make a more informed/conscious effort towards healthy eating. Your program is great!"

Jaweriya, mom of 1

"Thanks for all your support in helping me change my mindset and getting me on the
right track!
My clothes fit better.

I feel more energetic!"

Zeba, mom of 2


What's Included in MomPower:


8-Week Workout Plan

The training program is customized keeping in mind your lifestyle, goals and most importantly safety - no matter your fitness level, equipment access or time availability. 


Habit Building

Build small actionable habits every week and work towards your goal by understanding that consistent, daily action creates long-term change.


Exercise Demo with Instructions

Whether you choose home or gym workouts, the exercise demo videos will help you feel confident knowing exactly what to do and how to do each exercise safely.


Nutrition Guidance

Learn how to adapt to eating habits that will vibe perfectly with your lifestyle and culture. Improve your nutritional choices, eat mindfully and have a good relationship with food.


Weekly Check-In & Live Workout with Naush

One-hour Weekly LIVE Group calls via Zoom include a 30-minute workout session with your Coach and a 30-minute Q&A to address any questions you might have.


Private Community

Connect with fellow moms on a similar journey as you by sharing challenges and victories. Stay in touch with your coach for support and guidance.

Don't let another day go by feeling stuck and neglecting your health.

Enrollment Opens On 3rd September, 2024

When you sign up for MomPower, you'll get :

  • An 8-week customized workout plan tailored to your fitness level and goals.

  • 2 Tracks to choose from: Home/Gym Workouts 

  • 3 workouts/week with a duration of 20-30 minutes each

  • Access to the NaushFit Coaching App

  • Exercise videos with instructions to know exactly what to do and how to do it

  • Nutrition Guidance to help you eat mindfully and make better food choices

  • Habit Building to help you gradually integrate new behaviours into your daily routine.

  • Weekly 1-hour Live Group Calls with Coach Naush for a Workout Session (30 minutes) and Q&A session (30 minutes)

  • Private community for ongoing support and guidance from your dedicated coach and fellow mamas.

What You'll Gain In 8 Weeks!

  • Increased Energy: Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to boundless energy to keep up with motherhood

  • Enhanced Strength: Build functional strength to tackle daily mom tasks easily and confidently

  • Sustainable Lifestyle: Learn practical strategies to integrate fitness and nutrition into your busy mom life for the long haul

  • Improved Health: Transform your body from the inside out, boosting physical and mental well-being

  • Expert Advice, Guidance and Support from a Certified Fitness Coach who has your back for the entire duration of the program

  • Supportive Community: Access to an active, small-group community of mothers for care, connection, and support

Meet your Coach

Hello Beautiful Mama,


My name is Naush. I am the founder and head coach at NaushFit.
I have been in the fitness industry for over a decade.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer (PTS), a Certified Pre and Postnatal Coach (CPPC) and a Nutrition Coach.

As a mom of 3 boys (a teenager, a preteen and a toddler!) I understand how "crazy" mom life can get. I know we all have difficult days whether it's running behind little kids or counselling the big ones!


Hence, I designed MomPower, a fitness program to help YOU realize your true potential by providing the knowledge and guidance to kickstart your fitness journey and build lasting habits to take better care of your physical well-being in 8 weeks! 

Take the first step towards a healthier, happier you with MomPower and I will meet you halfway.


That's a mom promise!

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a Mother, can I still join MomPower?

MomPower is ONLY for mothers.

But you can apply for NaushFit's 1:1 Coaching Program if you wish to work with me! Click here to apply.

What sort of equipment is required for the workouts?

You have a choice between gym or home workouts. If you choose the home workout plan, you do not need any equipment.

Is this program suitable for busy schedules?

This program is specifically designed for busy mothers, but of course, it will require you to dedicate some time and effort to your fitness and health. 

I do not live in Canada/USA. Can I still enroll for MomPower?

Yes! No matter where you live, you can get support and guidance from your Fitness Coach. We have mothers from around the world, as long as you have access to the internet, you can enroll on MomPower!

I still have Questions.

Please send your questions to: or DM me on Instagram: @naushfit

Take the first step towards a healthier, happier you with MomPower – because every mom deserves to rediscover her strength, energy and confidence!

Enrollment Opens On 3rd September, 2024

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