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Heart talk with Naush.

Why Speaking Up Matters with Jessie Mundell

Quiet, shy and an introvert this is what people described me as a child.

But what they don’t know is that I always had a lot to share, I just didn’t know how.
As someone who is a “recovering” people pleaser, I have always been very careful about what came out of my mouth to make everyone around me “comfortable”. It was exhausting. It has taken me many many years to find my voice and to speak my mind.

When Jessie Mundell, Fitness Coach and Kinesiologist, invited me to speak on her podcast to birth and beyond, my first reaction was, “CAN I DO THIS?”
I had no experience on how to appear on a podcast as it was my first and on top of that I was talking on a very sensitive topic about the ongoing gen0cide in P@lestine.

We talked about how we as humans, run our businesses while the world is a very difficult place to exist in. How we as fitness and health professionals, business owners and CEOs exist amidst it all.
We talked about everything from communication and social media activism to incorporating personal values into business and marketing.

A few hours before recording the podcast I told myself, “It’s now or never!”
I knew I had to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

What happened in the next hour is for you all to witness. Sharing my first-ever podcast episode as a guest speaker with the world!
And for the first time, I am not thinking if I did it right or how I could have been better. Today I am celebrating the fact that I spoke my mind and heart on a public platform, in my most authentic self.

Thankful to Jessie for giving me this opportunity and for being supportive.

I couldn’t have imagined another topic or another person to have had my first with!

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