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To all the Beautiful Woman,

I know you have wished for things to happen differently.

I know you have had days where you wanted to stay in bed and cry but still showed up.

I know you have had people around you tell you what to do, what to speak, what to wear & what to think.

I know some of you have sacrificed ALOT to simply keep others around you happy.

I know you have resisted asking for help when you were breaking down or burning out.

I know you have put your ambitions and desires on hold because you thought you were not allowed to dream big.

Today I want you to remember something for the rest of your lives.

Because when "International Women's Day" gets over today and the world gets back to the same old ways.


You will rise up and go for your dreams!

You will take up that course at 25, you will finish school at 30, you will land that job at 35, you will have that baby at 40, you will get married at 45, you will learn kickboxing at 50 and you will start that business at 55! 💖

Do not let anyone and I mean ANYONE, tell you what you can do and cannot do.

And most importantly do not forget to teach your daughters to do the same. 👩‍👧


Where there is a woman, there is magic - Ntozake Shange ✨



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