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We all know that when it comes to exercise, consistency and commitment is key to seeing both physical and mental results, so staying motivated is essential.

But for someone who is a total beginner and just starting out, it can be a little overwhelming. And I totally understand!

Here are 5 ways to help you stay active!

Start small. Start simple.

Remember, it’s better to move a little and often than not moving at all. If working out 5 times a week doesn’t work, start with 2. If an hour doesn’t suit you, start with 20 minutes.

Start with simple activities like walks or stretches or something as easy as playing outdoors with your loved ones. Keep it simple.

Take up an activity you enjoy.

Whether it’s yoga, pilates, HIIT or cycling, tennis, badminton or any sport, find something that really gets you moving and that you look forward to. Staying active doesn't always mean you need to go to the gym!

Do it with a friend or partner.

If you need a little push in the motivation or accountability department, scheduling regular activities with a friend or your partner can make all the difference and help you stay on track and be consistent!

Block time in your calendar.

Whether it's daily or weekly, find your ideal schedule. If you are not a morning person, find another time in the day that works. It's important to block your time as that's the only way you will stick to it and get it done.

Change your perspective.

Rather than thinking of exercise as a punishment, shift your focus to how it can make you feel and the many benefits it brings. From boosting your mood to increasing productivity and improving the quality of your sleep. When we celebrate "movement", we are far more likely to create lasting lifestyle changes.

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