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20th December, 2019

Last year Today, I quit my full time job at Phanta.

We all have reasons and I had mine.

But it was not what many assume.

My term at Phanta was probably the best time spent with the best people.

I went to a work place I called my second home, I had a pay scale that was pretty competitive, I had colleagues who were some of the best people I had met and a boss who I admired and respected deeply!

But despite all this I was not happy. I was not a happy mother or wife. And this affected my health and home terribly.

Every day I questioned myself what it is that I wanted to do to bring a spark of joy in my life.

For the first time I strongly felt the value of TIME over money.

No one understood this. They thought I was crazy to think about quitting a full time job that paid well.

One day Mark (my ex-boss) called me to his office as I was getting ready for a standup meeting because he noticed I was not okay.

I remember that day very well for two reasons:

1. I cried like never before. He watched patiently until I cried a little more. He did not stop me and let me cry until I felt okay.

2. He asked me, “What’s the ONE thing that will bring you joy right now?”

And I answered, “FITNESS”.

No, I did not quit my job that day. But I came out of his office, a BRAVE SOUL. 💫

I resigned 4 months later. This was probably the biggest SOLO decision I made in my life. It was HARD.

What will people say?

Well, for the first time it did not matter to me.

I was HAPPY.

And Naushfit was born.

A decade long passion for fitness finally turned into reality! ❤

I know I have a LONG way to go. And no matter how slow the climb is, I know it's worth it cos I am in love with this journey! 🥰

Remember - Time Will Pass.

You can either stare at the clock, watching the seconds tick away. Or take responsibility of doing something extraordinary with the time you have left.

Take a chance, believe in your capabilities and Trust Allah.


Do meaningful work, money will follow.


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