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Got a mini band? Perform these 5 simple yet very effective exercises that are going to strengthen and tone your lower body. Choose a resistance band that’s challenging for you.

Remember to keep your core engaged by tucking your tummy in! Breathe normally.


1️. Band Glute Bridge - 20 reps

2️. Band Squat + Alternate Side Kick - 20 reps

3️. Band Kick Backs - 15 reps each side

Complete 15 reps each side before performing on the other leg.

4️. Band Lateral Walk - 40 sec

5️. Band Side Leg Lift - 15 reps each side

Complete all the exercises back to back and rest 2 minutes before starting the next set.

4 sets! Go!

Muscles Worked: Glutes, Quadriceps and Hamstrings

Don't forget to warm up before, hydrate during and cool down after your workout!

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🎥 credit:@ansarilens


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